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A study by Regenstrief Institute and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs investigators provides the first in-depth look at how health care providers react to medication alerts generated by electronic medical record systems. The researchers plan to use...

Narcotic Assistant Overview

Narcotic Assistant© is a software program designed to track and manage controlled substances and maintain a perpetual inventory. The program is able to track each inventory item at the dispensing unit level and is able to generate reports detailing all controlled substance receipts and dispensations for auditing purposes. It will create an audit trail that will meet all legal requirements for controlled substance dispensation, inventory control, and receipt within a hospital setting. The requirements include those set forth by both the DPS and DEA agencies. For those hospitals that still use the older DOS based system, NarkTrac© for this function, Narcotic Assistant© is a Windows based program that performs all of the same functions in an updated environment. For health systems that still use a manual tracking process, Narcotic Assistant can ensure a reduction in math errors and provide a clean audit trail within seconds rather than a stressful search for the record that the auditor is asking you to produce. The efficiency of using a computer to track inventory frees resources for other tasks within the pharmacy.

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We are using Narcotic Assistant by Apex Custom Software within Mercy and it has greatly improved our audit trail and workflow process. Their solutions are designed for specific needs at resonable prices. 

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